With the days of the ”Martiniloben“ festival, the Pannonian autumn in the Lake Neusiedl Region reaches its climax. In honour of St Martin, the patron saint of Burgenland, a varied culinary and cultural programme is provided. “Martiniloben“ represents a tradition in the Lake Neusiedl Region handed down over a long period. Earlier, the wine-growers went from cellar to cellar on 11 November, to taste, judge and categorise the young wines from the harvest. If the young wine had competed its fermentation, it was “christened”, and officially declared a wine.

Celebrations around “Martiniloben“ have developed in recent years from this old wine-growers‘ ritual in the wine-growing municipalities round Lake Neusiedl, and guests from across the world are invited to them. Wine-growers from numerous wine-growing municipalities open their cellars and invite one in to taste and bless the wine, and enjoy culinary delicacies. “Martiniloben“ is accompanied by art exhibitions, as well as guided tours and excursions.

For a (small) financial contribution, visitors to the “Open cellars days“ receive in the respective village a badge, cork or tasting glass, enabling them to enjoy the pleasure of all the fine wines. Besides the wine, culinary delicacies like for example the traditional goose, the “Martinigansl“, are offered.

“Martiniloben“ has developed in the Lake Neusiedl Region into a culinary festival for the senses, which both locals and guests celebrate enthusiastically. The landscape round Lake Neusiedl provides a broad perspective, whilst wine-growers grant an insight into their cellars, and gourmet menus offer magnificent visions of crispy goose in all conceivable variations.

The current “Martiniloben“ brochure with all the details of the programme and dates is available from the end of July to order online. Please contact us if you would like us to send you this material by post.

Accommodations are also available to search and book online.

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